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In the twenty years from 1763, Radagunda Roberts published four significant translations from French (all but one of them fiction). She contributed tales in both prose and poetry to The Lady's Magazine, and issued a volume of similar material and a verse tragedy. Her most unusual work was a volume of sermons, titled thus because a male friend had offered to preach what she wrote.
About 1730 RR was born. Bibliographic Citation link.
1763 RR's earliest identified publication was a translation, begun as a French exercise, of Jean-François Marmontel's highflown tales of maternal and marital love, which appeared at Gloucester as Select Moral Tales, 'By a Lady'. Bibliographic Citation link.
By July 1770 RR's Sermons, she said, owed their publication to the offer of a clergyman friend a couple of years before this to preach any sermon she might write; he apparently never made good on the offer. Bibliographic Citation link.
By mid April 1774 RR's translation from Françoise de Graffigny's novel The Peruvian Letters . . . With An Additional Original Volume altered its non-conventional non-marriage ending. Bibliographic Citation link.
By October 1783 RR issued a volume of verse tales set in the middle ages: Albert, Edward and Laura, and The Hermit of Priestland: Three Legendary Tales, whose leading topics are love and jealousy. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 January 1788 RR died in Southwark, South London, where she was buried a week later with her parents (her second choice of resting place). Bibliographic Citation link.
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