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Margaret Roberts wrote from youth until old age, mostly during the later nineteenth century. She usually remained anonymous, though she did eventually give permission to the firm of Tauchnitz to put her name on some of their editions of her novels. She produced at least thirty-eight books, including children's writing and non-fiction (from biography and history to grammar). Most of her novels have foreign settings and characters; most are historical, and carefully researched in the British Museum, with every detail (of dress, for instance) carefully verified. Bibliographic Citation link.
1833 MR was born at Honyngs in North Wales. Bibliographic Citation link.
1857 MR issued, anonymously, at both London and New York, the earliest book identified as hers: Summerleigh Manor; or, Brothers and Sisters, designed, as her preface mentions, for young readers. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By 17 March 1860 MR was in her twenties when she published, anonymously, her earliest success, Mademoiselle Mori, which she had first written in Italian and then translated. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1906 MR's final book, appeared (as by 'the author of Madmoiselle Mori'): a study of Saint Catherine of Siena and Her Times, which was commissioned from her by Methuen when she was over seventy. Bibliographic Citation link.
1919 MR died in her eighties, at Territet near Montreux in Switzerland. Bibliographic Citation link.
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