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During the middle decades of the twentieth century, E. Arnot Robertson published nine novels (the last one posthumously), as well as shorter fiction, a work of topography and one of naval history, and a book for children. Her earlier fiction was better received than later works. She became extremely well known as a broadcaster and film reviewer.
By June 1903 Eileen Arbuthnot Robertson (who later called herself E. Arnot Robertson) was born at Holmwood in Surrey, which was then in the countryside. Her birth was registered this month Bibliographic Citation link.
1928 EAR published her first novel, 'Cullum', told in the first person by a narrator obsessively in love with "a worthless character" who is also a novelist. Bibliographic Citation link.
1931 EAR's novel Four Frightened People was set more entirely than her previous one in Malaya (where the author had never been). It relied on her research at the British Museum. Bibliographic Citation link.
22 September 1961 EAR was found dead at her Hampstead home five months after her husband's accidental drowning. Perhaps because of the social stigma of suicide, the coroner found that her death was accidental. Bibliographic Citation link.
1964 The Strangers on My Roof, EAR's final novel, was published posthumously. Bibliographic Citation link.
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