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Amber Reeves, who began publishing shortly before the First World War, produced three clear-eyed and unsentimental novels about the predicament of the modern woman (including the difficulty of reconciling her sexuality with the social world). Her fourth and last novel, which is highly satirical, deals with the political, or rather the bureaucratic, world of men. After that she shifted into non-fiction, publishing monographs on banking, politics, psychology, and non-religious philosophy. She was also the author of periodical articles, and probably an unacknowledged collaborator with H. G. Wells on another book, in the same areas.
1 July 1887 AR was born in Christchurch, New Zealand (not in London, as most sources say), the eldest child in a family of three (a brother born before her had lived only a few hours). Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1948 AR published Ethics for Unbelievers, her final book, and one in which she felt she had summed up her thinking. Bibliographic Citation link.
Boxing Day 1981 AR died at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, St John's Wood, London; she was ninety-four.
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