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Kathleen Raine's lengthy, successful career as twentieth-century poet, autobiographer, essayist, critic, and translator, won her many awards in England and other countries. She called the writing of words (especially poetry) her greatest joy. "Paradoxically, it is the written word which communicates from heart to heart, not the spoken word; for our most secret knowledge comes to us in solitude." Bibliographic Citation link. For Kathleen Raine, mythology and nature were modes for illuminating psychic development. The core of women's creativity lay in the development of a self, needing both spiritual and human relationships.
14 June 1908 KR was born at 6 Gordon Road, Ilford, a suburb of London. She was her parents' only child. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 2 May 1936 KR sent the Hogarth Press the manuscript of a book of poems, but they did not publish her, either at that time or later. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 11 July 1968 KR published Blake and Tradition, a major two-volume critical study of symbolism and mythology in the works of William Blake. Bibliographic Citation link.
January 2001 The Collected Poems of Kathleen Raine appeared, drawing on eleven published volumes and other uncollected and unpublished sources, written from the mid-thirties to the late nineties. Bibliographic Citation link.
6 July 2003 Poet and scholar KR died at the age of ninety-five at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, from the after-effects of being hit by a car as she went to post a letter. Bibliographic Citation link.
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