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Lady Hester Pulter was a seventeenth-century poet of great skill and subtlety, whose work (transcribed into a handsome manuscript volume) remained unknown until recently because she published none of it. Her writing includes verse emblems and a prose romance.
Perhaps June 1605 Hester Ley (later LHP) was born in "sweet Hibernie where I first had life": Bibliographic Citation link.   at the manor of St Thomas Court, now part of the city of Dublin. Bibliographic Citation link.    scholarly note link.
About 1646 LHP apparently began composing the sixty-seven poems which she eventually had transcribed into an album, together with a separate collection of emblem poems and a prose romance. She gave the poems various titles: the first is "Poems Breathed Forth by the Noble Hadassah". Bibliographic Citation link.    scholarly note link.
June 1667 or later LHP composed her latest datable poem, an unfinished response to the incursion of a Dutch fleet into the River Medway in Kent, and the military destruction it caused. She relates a dream in which the river gods and goddesses gather to mourn. Bibliographic Citation link.
Just before 9 April 1678 LHP died at the age of eighty-two. Her funeral was held on this date. Bibliographic Citation link.
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