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Though she also wrote poetry and other genres, Anna Maria Porter's name rests on her almost thirty historical romances (totalling 54 volumes). Many had US editions and French translations. She tends to focus on male rather than female relationships. Her settings range across European history and geography; she is interested in independence struggles, and supports an idealised version of rational, constitutional, British middle-class polity against tyranny on the one hand and barbarianism on the other. Her plots emphasize sentiment and morality and (like Sophia Lee's The Recess) make national events a backdrop to private crises and intrigues. Though her earlier work was regularly judged inferior to that of her sister Jane, she became very successful.
21 September 1780 The youngest of five children, AMP was born, apparently at Salisbury in Wiltshire, following the death of her father. Bibliographic Citation link.
By September 1793 AMP published the first volume of Artless Tales, begun at the age of thirteen. The second volume, although intended to accompany the first, was published by different booksellers in 1795. Bibliographic Citation link.
After March 1807 AMP published, with her name, The Hungarian Brothers, a historical romance which became probably her best-known work: she wrote the preface in this month and the book was out by July. Bibliographic Citation link.
After April 1830 AMP published with Longman her last novel, The Barony, in three volumes. Bibliographic Citation link.
21 September 1832 AMP died on her fifty-second birthday, of typhus contracted while visiting her brother William in Bristol. Bibliographic Citation link.
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