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Anne Plumptre, Romantic-era writer, a radical in politics, produced four novels (one of them a tour de force, an epistolary novel of great power and subtlety), much translation (particularly radical plays), travel writings (including political accounts of revolutionary France and of Ireland, the former a uniquely trenchant and sympathetic analysis), and a remarkable piece of medical history. As this survey suggests, she is a remarkably original as well as a progressive thinker.
Shortly before 22 February 1760 AP was born at Norwich, the third of ten children and the second daughter. Bibliographic Citation link.
1801 AP published her finest novel, the epistolary Something New; or, Adventures at Campbell-House. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 October 1818 AP died in Norwich. Bibliographic Citation link.
Probably December 1818 AP's last publication, the only one co-authored with her sister, was Tales of Wonder, of Humour, and of Sentiment. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
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