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Hester Lynch Piozzi, was by inclination and practice a woman of letters as well as a woman of the world. She loved recording facts and details; she was an incisive critic (of real learning) and a great entertainer. She wrote poems, translations, essays, letters, journals, memoirs, and works of scholarship, and she published both during the later eighteenth and during the earlier nineteenth century.
16 January 1741 Hester Lynch Salusbury (later HLP) was born at Bodvel, Caernarfonshire, Wales. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 March 1786 From Italy HLP arranged the publication of her Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson. Bibliographic Citation link.
By December 1815 HLP finished writing her last major work, left unfinished and unpublished: "Lyford Redivivus; or, A Grandame's Garrulity": a study of proper names, signed 'An Old Woman'. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
2 May 1821 HLP died at Clifton near Bristol, about six weeks after a fall in which she injured a leg. Bibliographic Citation link.
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