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Mid-Victorian feminist Emily Jane Pfeiffer published during the latter half of the nineteenth century. She composed three lengthy narrative poems, six volumes of other poetry, a work documenting her travels, a play, a work of prose fantasy, and, for prominent periodicals, a number of essays. She was particularly admired for her work in the sonnet form. Recurring across various genres is her unflinching depiction of the stunting and even violent impact of marriage on women. Despite her versatility, the originality of her mature work, and the force of her social analysis, her strong critical reputation has waned steeply since her death.
26 November 1827 Emily Jane Davis (later EJP) was born in Montgomeryshire, Wales, the eldest of three daughters. Bibliographic Citation link.
1843 Encouraged artistically by her father, at fifteen the future EJP produced The Holly Branch, An Album for 1843, a privately printed collection of her stories and melodies. Bibliographic Citation link.
1876 EJP published Poems, the collection that proved her greatest critical success. Bibliographic Citation link.
1889 EJP published a collection of sonnets entitled Flowers of the Night. Bibliographic Citation link.
23 January 1890 EJP died of pneumonia at her home in Putney, a year and a day after the death of her husband. Bibliographic Citation link.
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