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Sarah, Lady Pennington published advice books covering the social and personal behaviour of young women, childraising, and running an extensive household. Her second book is epistolary, and covers philosophical, religious, and moral topics as well as incorporating a novel in instalments. She mixes her advice with personal history, also novelistic in tone, embodying defence of her own conduct around her marriage. This has a literary as well as a personal aim: to prevent her husband's repudiation from undermining her authority as a source of moral advice.
Sarah Moore (later SLP) was in all probability born at Bath in Somerset at some time around 1720, Bibliographic Citation link.   but the precise facts of her birth are unknown. scholarly note link.
By December 1760 The first edition of An Unfortunate Mother's Advice to her Absent Daughters; in a letter to Miss Pennington appeared. The title-page bore the date 1761 and no author's name, although the named addressee provided a hint which was confirmed by Sarah Pennington's printed signature at the end. Bibliographic Citation link.
By May 1777 SLP published a tiny little book entitled The Child's Conductor: designed to impart to Children, in a plain and simple Manner, a full Knowledge of those important Truths, which ought to take the Lead of all other Instruction: the title-page said, "for the Use of her Grandchildren." Bibliographic Citation link.
August 1783 SLP died at Fulmer in Buckinghamshire after being separated from her husband for more than twenty years. Bibliographic Citation link.
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