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Written expression in connection with her religious life was vital to Mary Penington from her childhood. She wrote prayers and letters, and began amassing by stages a series of autobiographical writings in the Quaker tradition. She is skilled at rendering both the drama of human relationships and the intensities of spiritual quest (sometimes through the religious symbolism of dreams).
Shortly before 13 December 1623 Mary Proude (later MP) was born at Goodnestone Court near Faversham in Kent, her parents' only child.  Bibliographic Citation link.
About 1680 MP wrote a letter to her grandson Springet Penn, "Left to be delivered to him after her decease," Bibliographic Citation link. which amounts to a biography of her first husband, Sir William Springett. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1680-November 1681 MP wrote a further "Addition" to her autobiographical brief account, which is probably her latest surviving piece of writing. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 September 1682 MP died at Worminghurst Hall in Sussex. Bibliographic Citation link.
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