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Frances Mary Peard published more than forty books between 1867 and 1909, mostly domestic novels and short-story volumes. Much of her fiction is historical and much is set abroad; some is specifically aimed at younger readers. Many of her letters, like her exotic fiction, have the qualities of good travel writing. She wrote poetry only during her adolescence, except on a few private occasions.
16 May 1835 FMP was born at Exminster in Devon, into a family of five (of whom two died young). She had a much older sister and a brother. Bibliographic Citation link.
1880 FMP published a hit among her children's novels, the historical Mother Molly (reprinted in 1914 in the The Queen's Treasures Series with illustrations by M. V. Wheelhouse). Bibliographic Citation link.
1919 FMP returned to the genre of her youth to pen a poem entitled "Old Age", which she sent in a letter to a friend. Bibliographic Citation link.
Shortly before 5 October 1923 FMP died in Devon in her late eighties; it was said that she had "outlived her fame". Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
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