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'George Paston' (Emily Morse Symonds) began her writing career as a novelist in the 1890s, but from 1900 turned her attention to writing biographies, histories, and drama, many of which reflect her fascination with the eighteenth century. Several of her works question the legal and social limitations faced by women of all classes, particularly within the institution of marriage.
4 September 1860 Emily Morse Symonds (who later wrote under the pseudonym GP) was born in St-Mary-in-the-Marsh parish, Sprowston, near Norwich. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1891 GP, already past thirty, launched her writing career with an anonymous article in the Cornhill Magazine, "Cousins German". Bibliographic Citation link.
By 3 November 1898 GP published her last novel, A Writer of Books, which exposes the obstacles faced by women writers in a male-dominated publishing industry. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 September 1936 GP died at home shortly after her seventy-sixth birthday, of heart failure. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 3 June 1939 "To Lord Byron": Feminine Profiles Based Upon Unpublished Letters, a volume of women's letters that GP left unfinished, was posthumously issued, completed by a younger historian, Peter Quennell. Bibliographic Citation link.
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