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Mary Ann Parker's single publication is a travel book of 1795, remarkable for being the only early female account of circumnavigating the globe, and the earliest reporting by a woman on the new English colony in Australia.
The date of MAP's birth is not known. Since she had two children and some travelling experience before she set out for Australia, the likelihood is that she was born at least before the end of the 1760s.
Later 1795 MAP published A Voyage Round the World, by subscription and with a dedication (dated 25 June) to Caroline, Princess of Wales, to support herself and her "numerous family" in her widowhood. Bibliographic Citation link.
The date of MAP's death is not known. Someone bearing her not unusual names died at Bath on 3 October 1796, Bibliographic Citation link. but the probability of this being the travel-writer is fairly slight.
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