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Ruth Padel is a contemporary writer who came late to publishing poetry, after a career as a classical scholar who wrote on Greek literature and feminist theory. She is also a career journalist and reviewer, and has published successful poetry anthologies of popularizing or educative intent, as well as introductions to works by others and an unusual travel memoir.
8 May 1946 Ruth Sofia Padel was born in the attic of a house in Wimpole Street, London, belonging to her great-aunt. She was the eldest of five children.  Bibliographic Citation link.
23 June 2005 RP's Tigers in Red Weather appeared: a blend of travel and adventure writing, conservation polemic, and introspective autobiography. Bibliographic Citation link.
16 May 2009 RP was elected (by a vote of all available Oxford University graduates) Oxford's Professor of Poetry, to a Chair created in 1708 and never yet held by a woman. She resigned, however, after nine days. Bibliographic Citation link.
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