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Julia O'Faolain, twentieth- and twenty-first-century Irish novelist and short-story writer, has also published translation, memoir, and women's history, and has written an afterword to the memoirs of her writer father. Her fiction deals with the confrontation or the blurring of different cultures (most commonly involving Irish culture, but sometimes Italian) and of competing political visions, with memory and forgetting, and with idealistic violence and terrorism. She herself says her topics include politics, fairness, bullying, "Church tyranny and those who opposed it." Bibliographic Citation link.
6 June 1932 JOF was born in Teddington just outside London, the elder of the two children in her family. Bibliographic Citation link.
April 1980 JOF's No Country for Young Men adapted from one of Yeats's best-known poems the title for a historical novel about generations of Irish nationalism and its impact on personal relationships. Bibliographic Citation link.
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