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Grisell Murray wrote memoirs in the mid eighteenth century about each of her remarkable parents. Parts of her writing first appeared in print after her death, in the appendix to a work of history by George Rose, in 1809, in an appendix titled "Lady Murray's Narrative". Few copies were printed, indicating that this was not a text intended for public circulation. Her memoirs were published, complete and on their own, in 1822, by a private publisher in Edinburgh. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 October 1692 Grisell Baillie (later Murray) was born. She was the eldest of three. Her only brother died in infancy, and her sister Rachel was four years younger than Grisell. Bibliographic Citation link.
1739 The year after GM's father, George Baillie, died, she set down at their temporary home in Oxford "Plain Facts Relating to My Father's Character, of which I could give many more". Bibliographic Citation link.
12 December 1749 GM, at Mellerstain in the ScottishBorders, began writing "Facts Relating to my Mother's Life and Character", a longer, more connected, and more emotional account of her mother, Lady Grisell Baillie, than the one she had written about her father. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1759 GM died at sixty-seven. Her friend Lady Hervey reported that she had "every sense and faculty as perfect as at twenty-seven" (indignantly rejecting the would-be consoling idea that her friend had lived long enough). Bibliographic Citation link.
By July 1809 Fifty years after her death, "some of the more striking passages" Bibliographic Citation link. of GM's writings about both her parents reached print as "Lady Murray's Narrative", appended to George Rose's Observations on the Historical Work of the late Right Honourable Charles James Fox. Bibliographic Citation link.
1822 GM's writings about her father and her mother were published in complete form "without any reserve" at Edinburgh, as a volume in their own right. Bibliographic Citation link.
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