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Anne Mozley, publishing from the late 1830s to the final decade of the century, remained always anonymous and worked mostly in marginal genres, with the result that she is little known and several of her books are not listed under her name in library catalogues. As an editor she produced poetry anthologies, and texts of the essays, sermons, and letters of a younger brother, as well as of the letters of Cardinal Newman. She also published stories for children, and contributed essays and reviews to periodicals, which amount to a significant body of literary criticism.
17 September 1809 AM was born at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, one of eleven children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1837 The first of AM's publications (all her works were anonymous, and were first identified as hers in the memoir by Bishop John Wordsworth) appeared this year: an anthology entitled Passages from the Poets. Bibliographic Citation link.
27 June 1891 AM died at Derby, aged eighty-one, after an apparently slight cold and "a few days of almost painless but most rapid illness." Bibliographic Citation link.
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