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It is hard to believe that Martha Moulsworth—a seventeenth-century woman who left a single, thoughtful, accomplished poem—was not a writer in a larger sense. One or two other poems might plausibly be hers, and she left a will with vigorous and sinewy prose—which is, however, no more remarkable than plenty of others. scholarly note link.
10 November 1577 The future MM "did open first theis eis," Bibliographic Citation link. probably at Ewelme in Oxfordshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
10 November 1632 On her fifty-fifth birthday, MM sought to make sense of her life-story by writing it into a poem: "The Memorandum of MM, Widdowe". Bibliographic Citation link.
Shortly before 28 October 1646 MM died at Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, about fourteen years after writing her autobiographical poem. Bibliographic Citation link.
August 1993 "The Memorandum of MM, Widdowe" appeared for the first time in print, accompanied by historical and critical essays, in "My Name was Martha": A Renaissance Woman's Autobiographical Poem. Bibliographic Citation link.
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