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Marion Moss, along with her sister Celia, put forward in print a two-sided message. On the one hand they called for greater understanding among Christians of Jewish culture and greater toleration (in the context of early Victorian legal and civil restrictions). On the other they advocated that Jewish women should be emancipated from religious institutions and practices into greater autonomy and a higher level of education. Their voices were among the first to put forward these arguments. Marion Moss was a teacher, poet, short-story writer, and founder and editor of the first Jewish women's periodical, the Jewish Sabbath Journal.
22 October 1821 MM was born, the fifth daughter among twelve children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1839 MM and her sister Celia, as 'the Misses Moss of the Hebrew Nation' published their first and only poetical collection, Early Efforts. Bibliographic Citation link.
February 1855-June 1855 MM published and edited the first Jewish women's periodical in modern history, the Jewish Sabbath Journal. Bibliographic Citation link.
Before November 1907 MM died in London; she was in her eighties. Bibliographic Citation link.
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