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Marianne Moore was a pivotal figure in US poetry of the twentieth century. A recent editor has written that "no major poet is cherished more and known less" from that period in America. Bibliographic Citation link. As well as poetry, Marianne Moore wrote translations, essays, criticism, and personal letters. She had an influential period as editor of the modernist journal the Dial. Her poems are characterised by precise, irregular, unrhymed verse forms and minutely detailed observation, often of semi-mythical animals used as ways of talking about the human condition. Always reluctant to let her work go out of her hands, and often self-deprecating about it, she published few books and let much of her poetry remain in periodicals.
15 November 1887 MM was born in Kirkwood, Missouri, in the bedroom her mother had had as a child. She was the younger of two children; her elder brother was very important to her. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 December 1895 MM wrote and dated her earliest poem, whose first, unrhyming line serves as its title: "Dear St. Nicklus". Bibliographic Citation link.
July 1919 MM published in the New York little magazine Others the poem entitled "Poetry" (later several times revised). Bibliographic Citation link.
5 February 1972 MM died at Lenox Hill Hospital in the city of New York, after several years disabled by a major stroke. Bibliographic Citation link.
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