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Nancy Mitford is best-known for her novels, witty comedies of twentieth-century manners which draw on her own privileged background. Her accounts of love and disappointment among the upper classes frequently include political references (fascism, communism) or have wartime settings (Spanish Civil War, World War Two). She also wrote biography, translation, and essays and journalism including a famous squib about the way the English language reflects the social class of the speaker.
28 November 1904 NM was born at 1 Graham Street, London, the eldest of her family. Bibliographic Citation link.
10 December 1945 NM's novel The Pursuit of Love was published; it became instantly successful. Bibliographic Citation link.
1970 NM's last biography, Frederick the Great, was published. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 June 1973 NM died at her home in Versailles, from Hodgkin's Disease, a kind of cancer which begins in the lymph nodes. Bibliographic Citation link.
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