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Much of the sparse information currently available on Hope Mirrlees focuses on her lasting personal relationship with eminent scholar Jane Harrison rather than her own body of writing, which includes poetry, novels, and biographies (published and unpublished). But as critic Mary Beard notes: "To see Mirrlees only in the context of Jane Harrison . . . is to underrate her. She is one of those writers forever on the brink of being discovered (in the 1990s as much as in the 1920s) . . . . and like all such forgotten writers, she is an uncomfortable challenge to the arbitrariness of literary fame." Bibliographic Citation link.
8 April 1887 HM was born at Erpingham near Chislehurst in Kent. Bibliographic Citation link.
By October 1919 HM published her first novel, Madeleine; One of Love's Jansenists, a historical treatment of lesbian love. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1920 The Hogarth Press published HM's avant-garde poem Paris, in an edition of 175 copies, as one of its earliest publications. Bibliographic Citation link.
1926 HM published her most popular work, the fantasy novel Lud-in-the-Mist. Bibliographic Citation link.
1976 HM published a poetry volume, Moods and Tensions: Poems; she had privately printed the smaller Moods and Tensions: Seventeen Poems in 1965. Raymond Mortimer, a long-standing friend, wrote an introduction for the new book. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 August 1978 Poet and novelist HM died at ninety-one years of age at Goring. Bibliographic Citation link.
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