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During the earlier half of the twentieth century, Betty Miller published seven novels (with a hiatus after her fourth and most controversial was initially rejected), essays, short stories, and book reviews, and wrote plays for both stage and radio. The recent republication of two of her novels suggests that her work may be due for reappraisal.
8 October 1910 Betty Bergson Spiro (later BM) was born in Cork, Ireland, the second daughter in her family; she later had two younger brothers. Bibliographic Citation link.
1941 BM published Farewell Leicester Square with Robert Hall six years after Victor Gollancz (until then her chosen publisher) had turned it down on account of its sensitive subject-matter. Bibliographic Citation link.
February 1945 BM published a war novel entitled On the Side of the Angels, dedicated to the memory of Henry William Spiro, "Dear brother: incomparable friend, Missing, presumed killed, in H.M.S. Firedrake." Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
24 November 1965 BM died a month after her fifty-fifth birthday, after a very rapid decline. She had Alzheimer's Disease. Bibliographic Citation link.
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