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Anna, Lady Miller, is best-known as a patron of poetry during the later eighteenth century. She published a travel book, and a serial collection of the poems entered for the performance-oriented contests at which she presided (including poems of her own).
1741 Anna or Anne Riggs (later ALM) was born in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 September 1770 ALM dated the first letter she sent her mother after leaving Paris on her way to Italy with her husband, which became her travel book. Bibliographic Citation link.
By March 1775 ALM both edited and contributed to the first volume of Poetical Amusements at a Villa near Bath, to which she later added a series of three more volumes, the last by May 1781. Bibliographic Citation link.
1778 An anonymous 18-page pamphlet entitled On Novelty: and On Trifles, and Triflers. Poetical Amusements at a Villa near Bath reads like comment on ALM's Batheaston Vase; it is not clear why library catalogues ascribe it to her authorship. Bibliographic Citation link.
By May 1781 ALM issued the final volume of Poetical Amusements at a Villa near Bath. Bibliographic Citation link.
24 June 1781 ALM, died suddenly at Bristol Hotwells. Bibliographic Citation link.
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