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Susan Miles (who began publishing under her birth name of Ursula Roberts) was a poet and novelist of the earlier twentieth century, who also published a suffrage pamphlet, an admiring biography of her Christian-socialist husband, and a striking verse-novel. Remarkably, her highly imagistic and symbolic prose fiction (set largely in a timeless, primitive countryside) is obscure and occasionally turgid, while her novel in poetry (set largely in London), while still imagistic and symbolic, is crystal-clear and full of the observed detail of daily life. Poems published late in her life represent at least a fair degree of continuity with earlier work, and may even have been written well before they appeared. scholarly note link.
16 September 1888 Ursula Wyllie (who later wrote as SM) was born at Meerut in India. Bibliographic Citation link.
1958 SM published with Linden Press of London her long poem or verse novel Lettice Delmer; it had almost been forgotten when reprinted in 2002 by Persephone. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 May 1975 SM died at her home near Sutton in Bedfordshire, in her later eighties. Bibliographic Citation link.
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