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Jean Middlemass's Times obituary said "it would be difficult to state exactly how many books she wrote." Bibliographic Citation link. In fact it seems that she authored about forty-one popular novels. She also contributed stories to periodicals, some of which were serialized. Of common occurrence in her writing are genteel heroines, the marriage market, sketches set in France, and life in lower-class London. Her works have fallen out of favour and they are currently difficult to locate; few are available in North America.
1834 Mary Jane Middlemass, later the popular novelist JM, was born in Regent's Park, London. Bibliographic Citation link.
1872 JM's first publication was Lil, a triple-decker novel. Bibliographic Citation link.
1881 JM published Dandy, her most successful novel. Bibliographic Citation link.
1910 JM's last novel, At the Altar Steps, was published. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 7 November 1919 The popular novelist JM died at her home in Eaton Terrace, London, at the age of eighty-five. Bibliographic Citation link.
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