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Medbh McGuckian, who lives in Northern Ireland, is well-regarded among contemporary poets writing in English. She began by writing a very private and reserved poetry. Using images from the home and from nature, she explored the female body and the female psyche, and strove to access the intimacy of a woman's spirit through the concrete aspects of a woman's life: "I believe wholly in the beauty and power of language, the music of words, the intensity of images to shadow-paint the inner life of the soul." Bibliographic Citation link. She was compared by critics to Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, and Emily Dickinson. In the course of her career a strong strain of the political emerged among her personal topics, and she has become both historian of and elegist for Ireland's violent story. She has published poetry in volumes and in periodicals, as well as broadsides and essays.
12 August 1950 Medbh McCaughan (later MMG) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Bibliographic Citation link.
1982 MMG published her award-winning first full-length volume collection of poetry, The Flower Master, with Oxford University Press. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 November 1993 MMG published an extensively revised edition of her first poetry collection with her Irish publisher, Gallery Press, as The Flower Master, and Other Poems. Bibliographic Citation link.
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