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Charlotte McCarthy was a mid-eighteenth-century writer of common genres like poetry and romance in idiosyncratic forms. She voices strong and equally idiosyncratic social, political, and theological opinions. Her expressions of female friendship sound like love. She was an Irish patriot who took a serious interest in denominational doctrine. In later years her interest in religion became pervasive and somewhat eccentric.
The date of CMC's birth (presumably somewhere in Ireland) is unknown, but is probably (and perhaps well) before 1720. scholarly note link.
1745 CMC, as 'a Gentlewoman', published at London, "printed for the author," a romance entitled The Fair Moralist; or, love and virtue. . . . To which is added, several occasional poems. Bibliographic Citation link.
1746 In a second London edition of The Fair Moralist with some poems newly appended, CMC added her name to the title-page. Bibliographic Citation link.
By December 1768 CMC published, as 'Prudentia Christiania', her undated A Letter from a Lady to the Bishop of London. The bishop at this date was Richard Terrick. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
The date of CMC's death is not known: it may have been any time after her final known publication in 1768.
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