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Active in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, M. Marsin was a bold and idiosyncratic writer and publisher of tracts: her main interest is religion (even theology), but this involves her also in politics and proto-feminism. She equips her works with long, descriptive titles and tables of contents. Her bibliography is complicated: some works appeared more than once in slightly different forms, or in compilations of several works which had already been issued separately.
Nothing is known of MM's family, or where she came from or where she was born. Her birth probably took place after 1660, but she could have been alive before the Restoration period.
1700 MM issued her most feminist text, the 16-page Good News to the Good Women. Bibliographic Citation link.
10 July 1701 The Post-Boy carried an advertisement for MM's recently-published, forty-page Two Remarkable Females of Womankind, which has been identified as her last tract. Bibliographic Citation link.
Probably after February 1702 MM died; a collection of her works was advertised this month, which sounds as if she was still active, but nothing is known of her place or date of death. Bibliographic Citation link.
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