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Catherine Marsh was always an avid writer since she was a small child, and first tried, unsuccessfully, to publish her writing (a romance) in the autumn of her twelfth year. Bibliographic Citation link. Her first successful publication, The Victory Won, probably in 1853, was about a pious deathbed, the victory being that of a soul won for God. From that point on she published several other works, mostly uplifting biographies of Christian soldiers (and notably of her father) and religious texts with patriotic overtones, often relating to the working classes. These works sold in massive numbers.
15 September 1818 CM was born at her childhood home, the vicarage of St Peter's Church at Colchester in Essex, the youngest of her parents' five children. Bibliographic Citation link.
Early December 1855 Writing as 'the Author of The Victory Won', CM commemorated a friend who had died piously in the Crimean War in Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars, Ninety-Seventh Regiment, in a first edition of ten thousand copies. Bibliographic Citation link.
December 1857 At least some of the editions dated 1858 of CM's most popular work, English Hearts and English Hands, or, The Railway and the Trenches, appeared in time for Christmas 1857. She published as 'The Author of the Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars'. Bibliographic Citation link.
January 1867 CM published a biography of her father which became one of her best-known works, through R. Carter and Brothers under the name 'His Daughter, the Author of Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars'. Bibliographic Citation link.
November 1877 The Navvy Mission Society was founded by the Rev. Lewis Moule Evans, perhaps in part as a result of the influence of CM's English Hearts and English Hands, published twenty years earlier. Bibliographic Citation link.
New Year 1911 CM wrote what proved to be her final New Year booklet, under the highly suitable title The Time is at Hand. It is the last work that she wrote before suffering a stroke at the end of this same year. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 December 1912 CM died at 12:50 in the afternoon, probably of bronchitis, a year after suffering a severe stroke. Bibliographic Citation link.
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