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Anne Marsh was highly esteemed in her day as a novelist (and author of tales which would today be called novellas or short stories) whose career spanned about twenty-five years of the mid-nineteenth century. It is now known that she also left remarkable unpublished letters and an autobiographical "Narrative". She began writing for print fairly late in life; and took to writing novels after a mid-life crisis. She describes this decision, along with earlier memories, in her "Narrative". She published without her name. Her identity seems to have been known to reviewers, who gave her highly favourable notices (especially at first) but her anonymity has caused confusion later.
9 January 1791 Anne Caldwell was born at her father's estate of Linley Wood at Talke in Staffordshire. She was later known as AM, and later again as Anne Marsh-Caldwell; the house on the estate was known as Linley Hall. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By 25 April 1846 AM, as 'the author of Two Old Men', published one of her best-known novels, Emilia Wyndham. Bibliographic Citation link.
1863 AM issued probably her final novel, Heathside Farm, A Tale of Country Life: since it appeared as 'edited by the author of Two Old Men's Tales, Emilia Wyndham, etc.', it may have been someone else's work. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 October 1874 AM died at Linley Wood, in Talke, Staffordshire, where she had been living under the name of Marsh-Caldwell since her brother's death. Bibliographic Citation link.
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