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Katherine Mansfield's life was short and much of her writing experimental or oriented towards earning. Though contemporary reviewers sometimes condescended to her youth, gender, and magazine publication, she is now seen as "one of our great modernists," her innovations so familiar as to be unnoticeable. Bibliographic Citation link. As well as one of the most interesting and original short-story writers of the Modernist movement, she was a significant letter-writer and diarist. Her poetry, too, is of interest. Claire Tomalin remarked that her diary in particular has made her a cult figure for young women. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 October 1888 Kathleen Beauchamp (later KM) was born in Wellington, New Zealand. Bibliographic Citation link.
1897 At eight or nine Kathleen Beauchamp (later KM) won the school composition prize for an essay entitled "A Sea Voyage". Bibliographic Citation link.
7 July 1922 KM wrote "The Canary", the last story she ever finished, as a gift for Brett. Bibliographic Citation link.
9 January 1923 KM died at Fontainebleau of a massive tubercular haemorrhage after running upstairs. She was thirty-four.  Bibliographic Citation link.
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