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Ethel Mannin began publishing stories at the age of ten but was twenty-three, with a grounding in journalism and editing, before she began to publish longer works. She then continued to do so with gusto: by the late 1970s she had produced nearly one hundred books, fifty-one of them novels, and the remainder either travel writing, autobiography, biography, social commentary, volumes on child rearing, collections of short stories, or writings for children. She also wrote book reviews and advertising copy.
11 October 1900 EM was born at Clapham in south London. Bibliographic Citation link.
1910 EM published, at the age of ten, her first short story. Bibliographic Citation link.
1933 EM published Venetian Blinds, a novel which uses some events and settings of her childhood. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 December 1984 EM died in hospital of pneumonia and heart failure after falling and breaking her hip in July of that year. Bibliographic Citation link.
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