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Anne Manning published, from mid-nineteenth century onwards, over fifty titles. She is most famous for her historical novels, some of them issued as a pastiche of documents centuries old. She also wrote a series of novels of domestic, provincial, contemporary life, and turned her hand also to many other genres: religious, devotional, and philosophical works, history, short fiction, biography, autobiography. In addition, she edited a couple of works by Beatrice Braithwaite Batty.
17 February 1807 AM was born in London, the eldest child in a large family. Bibliographic Citation link.
1826 AM was still in her teens when her first book appeared (anonymous like almost all her work): A Sister's Gift, Conversations on Sacred Subjects, intended for the amusement of the younger branches of her family on Sundays. Bibliographic Citation link.
1849 AM's first major historical novel appeared anonymously: The Maiden & Married Life of Mary Powell, Afterwards Mistress Milton. Framed as a journal kept by the poet John Milton's first wife, it remains her best-known work. Bibliographic Citation link.
1876 AM published her final novel, An Idyl of the Alps, still using her designation of 'the author of Mary Powell'. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 September 1879 AM died in her early seventies, at her sister's house at Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Bibliographic Citation link.
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