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Delarivier Manley was a pioneer in many fields: poetry, drama, journalism, and fiction, and the genres with which the fiction of her period interlocked: letters, soft pornography, satire, 'secret history', romance autobiography, and political polemic. She was proud of being first in the field on the Tory side during the pamphlet wars of Queen Anne's reign. As critic Paula McDowell remarks, her writing identity was shaped by the new concept of print culture as an industry, an employer of labour. Bibliographic Citation link.
About 1670 DM was probably born this year in the island of Jersey, if not at sea between there and Guernsey. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
After July 1694 Living in the country with very little knowledge of the theatre, DM wrote (in seven days, she said) The Lost Lover; or, The Jealous Husband, A Comedy. Bibliographic Citation link.
26 May-October 1709 DM published anonymously, in two successive volumes, her secret history or political scandal fiction Secret Memoirs from the New Atalantis. Bibliographic Citation link.
3 September 1709 Between the first and second volumes of the New Atalantis, Steele attacked DM in Tatler no. 63 (not for the first time) as dispensing poison with her tongue. Bibliographic Citation link.
9 October 1709 The printer and publisher of DM's New Atalantis were arrested. Bibliographic Citation link.
29 October-5 November 1709 DM was imprisoned (to rescue, she said, the printer and publisher of her New Atalantis) until she was bailed. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 February 1710 DM was tried for libel on account of her New Atalantis, but discharged. Bibliographic Citation link.
1721 A political scandal-novel or secret history published in London as originally by Madame d'Aulnoy re-used DM's title: Bribery in Perfection . . . being fresh Advices from the new Atalantis. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 July 1724 DM died early in the morning, of what were diagnosed as fits of 'cholic'. Bibliographic Citation link.
By June 1784 The publisher Kearsley issued an anonymous secret history or scandal fiction entitled The Modern Atalantis set in the island of 'Libertusia'; DM, the obvious model, was not mentioned in the Critical Review's notice. Bibliographic Citation link.
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