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Canadian writer Agnes Maule Machar wrote eight novels, many dealing with Canadian themes. Bibliographic Citation link. She also published poetry, journalism, biographies, travel guides, and children's literature, often with a didactic tone, and most on social issues such as temperance, working conditions, universal education, poverty, and women's rights. When tackling issues such as poverty and alcoholism in her fiction, Agnes Maule Machar sought answers in the Social Gospel creed of "individual religious conversion combined with good deeds among the poor." Bibliographic Citation link. She was one of the best-known women writers in post-Confederation Canada, particularly for her journalism, and has been described as an "ardent literary nationalist." Bibliographic Citation link.  Bibliographic Citation link.
23 January 1837 AMM was born in Kingston, Upper Canada. Bibliographic Citation link.
1892 AMM published her best known novel, Roland Graeme: Knight: A Novel of Our Time, which examines the harmful social impacts of industrialization. Bibliographic Citation link.
24 January 1927 AMM died the day after her ninetieth birthday in her home at 25 Sydenham Street, Kingston, Ontario. Bibliographic Citation link.
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