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Rose Macaulay was highly prolific, publishing during the earlier half of the twentieth century twenty-three novels and two volumes of poetry, as well as three books of short stories, several historical and travel narratives, and works of literary criticism. Several volumes of her personal letters have been printed. She made many appearances on the BBC and published scores of articles. Valued perhaps chiefly for its satire and wit, her writing shows impressive political complexity and understanding, and her skill at characterisation is noteworthy. In her early works one may feel that her satire is defensive: that she uses mockery to hold off painful involvement. Her treatment of religious issues and characters demonstrates her long struggle with and engagement in established religion. She continually pokes fun at people heavily invested in causes or movements; but the choice of a cause is one of her favourite topics, sometimes handled with poignancy rather than burlesque.
1 August 1881 RM was born at Rugby, Warwickshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
December 1906 RM, still a 'girl' at home, published her first novel, Abbots Verney. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1956 RM published her twenty-third and final novel, The Towers of Trebizond. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 October 1958 RM died unexpectedly at home (Hinde House in Hinde Street, London), at the age of seventy-seven, of a heart attack. Bibliographic Citation link.
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