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Catharine Macaulay is best known as a radical historian (the only historian of England from a republican point of view for almost two centuries after she wrote). The eight volumes of her History of England took her another twenty years of work from the publication of the first volume in 1763, and ran to 3,483 quarto pages. Bibliographic Citation link. She also wrote memorable pamphlets on political and other topics, and treatises on theology and gender politics.
2 April 1731 Catharine Sawbridge (later CM) was born at her father's estate of Olantigh, in the parish of Wye in Kent. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By November 1763 CM published, with her name, the first volume of her History of England from the Accession of James I to that of the Brunswick Line—that is, the Hanoverian monarchs. Bibliographic Citation link.
1765 CM published the second volume of her History of England, again 'for the author', through J. Nourse. Bibliographic Citation link.
By February 1767 CM published volume three of her History of England, From the Accession of James I, with a subtitle that reads "to the Elevation of the House of Hanover." Bibliographic Citation link.
July 1768 Weekly serial publication of CM's History of England began, to make it accessible to readers who could not afford to buy the volumes. Bibliographic Citation link.
By February 1769 CM published volume four of her History of England. Bibliographic Citation link.
By April 1771 CM published volume five of her History of England through Edward and Charles Dilly, with a subtitle that reads "From the Death of Charles I to the Restoration of Charles II." Bibliographic Citation link.
By February 1781 Not much more than two years after her second marriage, CM published volumes six and seven of her History of England, with a subtitle that reads "To the Revolution." Bibliographic Citation link.
By March 1783 CM ended her History of England ("this long narration of national evils and national follies") Bibliographic Citation link. with an eighth volume. Bibliographic Citation link.
By September 1790 CM published Letters on Education. With Observations on Religious and Metaphysical Subjects; its section on metaphysics incorporated much of her Treatise on the Immutability of Moral Truth (1783). Bibliographic Citation link.
Late 1790 CM published another pamphlet answer to a former antagonist: Observations on the Reflections of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, on the Revolution in France. Bibliographic Citation link.
22 June 1791 CM died at Binfield in Berkshire, after being seriously (and painfully) ill since April. Bibliographic Citation link.
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