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Hannah Lynch was a journalist, novelist, and translator from the 1880s until her death in 1904. She became notorious for her anonymous, fictionalized, early memoir Autobiography of a Child. As an Irish nationalist living in Paris she became an interpreter for English-speaking readers of the culture and history of Europe.
25 March 1859 HL was born in Dublin, among the elder children of a large family of girls. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1898 HL's Autobiography of a Child, her seventh full-length work, began to run serially in Blackwood's Magazine. It continued until April 1899, and appeared in volume form, without her name, at about the same date. Bibliographic Citation link.
1903 HL's final publication was MediƦval French Literature, translated from the French of Gaston Paris published in 1890; it appeared with his name but without hers. Bibliographic Citation link.
9 January 1904 HL died at 60 Rue de Breteuil in Paris, apparently of a stomach ailment. Bibliographic Citation link.
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