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Anne Locke was a translator, during the sixteenth-century Reformation, of two Protestant texts from French into English. Her dedications to these works discuss the current state of the reformed religion to which they contribute. She also wrote letters (now lost) on theological matters, a poem of compliment to the queen that was also a piece of religious-political manoeuvring, and (her most significant work if it is indeed by her) a psalm rendered into verse and expanded into the form of a sonnet sequence—the earliest sonnet sequence in English.
Probably about 1533 At this time or a few years earlier Anne Vaughan (later AL) was born, the eldest of a family that included two daughters and a son.  Bibliographic Citation link.
15 January 1560 Someone entered in the Stationers' Register AL's English versions of four sermons by John Calvin on the 38th chapter of Isaiah, printed that year with her initials, dedication, and sonnets expanding a psalm. Bibliographic Citation link.
AL probably died some time after the publication of her latest work in 1590, likely before her third husband went to law against her son in 1595, and in any case before he made his will on 20 May 1607. Bibliographic Citation link.
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