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Janet Little, an eighteenth-century Scottish proletarian poet, was fully aware of the obstacles placed in her way by her gender, class, and nationality. She freely admits the audacity of writing poetry from her class and gender position, but always with spirit, not submissiveness.
Shortly before 13 August 1759 JL was born in Nether Bogside, near Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
1792 With encouragement from her friends, JL published her collected Poetical Works of Janet Little, the Scotch Milkmaid by subscription at Ayr in Scotland; she dedicated it to the eleven-year-old Flora, Countess of Loudoun. Bibliographic Citation link.
16 March 1793 Frances Anna Dunlop made her final mention of JL in her correspondence with Burns: a fierce reproof for his contemptuous response to Little's Poetical Works. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 March 1813 JL died in Causey Head at Loudoun Castle, Galston. Bibliographic Citation link.
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