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Sarah Lewis, 1824 - 1880 was a mid-nineteenth-century American poet who is today better known for her association with Edgar Allan Poe than for her writings. She began her career with frequent periodical publications, then published four volumes of poetry, and later two plays and a novel. She depicted the ancient poet Sappho in both a poem and a play. She was an indefatigable self-booster, at one stage with Poe's help. Despite his adulatory words of praise, for which she or her husband recompensed him with cash, Sarah Lewis, 1824 - 1880 was never quite as successful as she hoped and imagined herself to be.
April 1824 Sarah Anna Robinson (later Sarah Lewis) was born near Baltimore, Maryland. Bibliographic Citation link.
1872 The last work issued by the American Sarah Lewis was her single novel, Minna Monte, which she published pseudonymously as 'Stella'. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
24 November 1880 The American writer Sarah Lewis died suddenly at 29 Bedford Place in London, where she had lived for fifteen years. After her funeral her body was removed to the United States. Bibliographic Citation link.
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