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Denise Levertov, who began as a British poet of multinational origins, moved after her marriage to the USA, where she became a strong force in American literary life, and one of the four leaders of the 'Black Mountain' group of poets. As well as poetry, she published essays, translations, and edited work: twenty-five volumes in all. Though she has received a high level of recognition and public praise for her work, the passionately political element in the poetry of her middle years made her highly controversial.
24 October 1923 DL was born at Ilford in Essex, the younger—by nine years—of two sisters. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 December 1997 DL, British-born American poet, died in Seattle of complications following lymphoma. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 29 March 1999 DL's This Great Unknowing: Last Poems appeared posthumously, edited by Paul Lacey, her literary executor. Bibliographic Citation link.
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