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Caroline Leakey is best known for her only novel, The Broad Arrow, which is based on observations made during her five-year residence in Tasmania. Her critique of the Australian penal system features a strong female convict protagonist. She also published a well-received book of poetry, and at least several dozen of her didactic and religious tracts and short stories appeared anonymously.
8 March 1827 CL was born at Exeter in Devon. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 18 March 1854 CL published in both London and Hobart Town a collection of poems, Lyra Australis; or, Attempts to Sing in a Strange Land. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 March 1859 CL published her novel The Broad Arrow, Being Passages from the History of Maida Gwynnham, a Lifer, a ground-breaking critique of the Australian penal system, under the pseudonym 'Oliné Keese'. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 July 1881 CL died in Exeter, nearly thirty years after her return to England from Tasmania, following eighteen months of painful illness. Bibliographic Citation link.
1882 Fine Weather Dick, and Other Sketches, a collection of CL's short stories, was posthumously published in the year following her death. Bibliographic Citation link.
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