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Mary Leadbeater's name is identified with that of the Quaker village of Ballitore in County Kildare, whose cultural historian she was throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Though this Irish author wrote poetry from youth to old age, she is best known as a life-writer (both of her family, her co-religionists and the poor of Ireland) and, increasingly, as a political commentator with links to Edmund Burke and Madame Roland. She based her autobiography on her own diary, and also published dialogues and short fiction (which, though didactic and moralistic, are also tactfully sympathetic), and edited writings by both her parents.
1 December 1758 Mary Shakleton or Shackleton (later ML) was born at Ballitore in Kildare, the second in a family of three sisters and a brother. Bibliographic Citation link.
1808 ML published at Dublin her Poems, with a lengthy subscribers' list. The copy at the University of California at Berkeley has an engraved portrait of Edmund Burke tipped in. Bibliographic Citation link.
April 1811 ML published by subscription Cottage Dialogues among the Irish Peasantry, first and best-known of a series of works devoted to social (and incidentally moral) improvement. Bibliographic Citation link.
27 June 1826 ML died at her home at Ballitore in County Kildare of 'dropsy' (congestive heart failure). Bibliographic Citation link.
By 28 June 1862 ML's "Annals of Ballitore" were first posthumously published by the Quaker printer Richard Davis Webb as volume one of The Leadbeater Papers. Bibliographic Citation link.
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