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Ellis Cornelia Knight, whose life was lived close to some makers of history during the French Revolutionary period and later, indulged her scholarly or literary bent in unusual or pioneering genres: a sequel to Samuel Johnson's Rasselas, a historical novel set during the Roman Empire, and a travelogue with her own illustrations. She also published poems, another historical novel, translations, and pedagogical works, and left unpublished her diaries and incomplete autobiography.
27 March 1757 ECK was born in Westminster, the only child of Sir Joseph Knight and his second wife, the former Philippina Deane.  Bibliographic Citation link.
By June 1790 ECK published her first work, Dinarbas, a novel which acts as a continuation of Samuel Johnson's Rasselas. Bibliographic Citation link.
21 April 1792 ECK published an epistolary historical novel in two volumes called Marcus Flaminius, with a dedication to Horace Walpole, who had recently become Earl of Orford. Bibliographic Citation link.
17 December 1837 or soon afterwards ECK died in Paris of an "inflammation of the Lungs."  Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
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