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An Indian-born English journalist, novelist, and travel writer, best-known for short stories, poetry, and children's books, Rudyard Kipling won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He never felt like a native in England although he spent most of his life there, lived in other countries as well, and never saw India after his mid-twenties. He was convinced of the moral mission of the British empire, seeing devoted heroism in its workers but pettiness and bureaucracy in its administration. He writes of India as an insider and his Indian writings were his best loved in England. His increasingly conservative politics seeped into his writing later in his career and lost him some of the immense, immediate public interest that his early work had garnered.
30 December 1865 Joseph Rudyard Kipling, British short-story writer, poet and journalist, was born in Bombay in British India. He was the elder of two surviving children.  Bibliographic Citation link.
1881 Schoolboy Lyrics, a volume of poetry, was technically RK's first published work. Printed for private circulation by his parents, much to his later embarrassment, it contains brilliant exercises in the styles of canonical poets. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1894 RK published the first of his children's books to become and remain well-known: The Jungle Book. Bibliographic Citation link.
December 1900-October 1901 RK's most enduring and widely-read longer fiction, the short novel Kim, was serialised in McClure's Magazine. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 January 1936 RK, short-story writer, poet and journalist, died of a haemorrhage from a perforated duodenal ulcer at the Middlesex Hospital in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
February 1937 RK's brief autobiography, Something of Myself, was posthumously published. It was reprinted the same month. Bibliographic Citation link.
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