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Sophia King, like her sister Charlotte Dacre, seems to use the sensational in both her poetry and fiction (which span the end of the eighteenth century and the early nineteenth) to figure her actual, excruciating family romance. Male libertinism, both sexual and philosophical-radical, is rendered fatally attractive and destructive.
SK's date of birth is uncertain. It is generally given as about 1782; but it seems probable that she was some years older than that, closer in age to her sister Charlotte Dacre, with whom she shared her earliest writing and her metier of poet and Gothic novelist—and that like Charlotte she misrepresented her age. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 January 1798 SK and her sister Charlotte Dacre wrote the dedication to their father of their poetry volume Trifles of Helicon, published this year. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
October 1805 'Mrs. Fortnum (late Sophia King)' published her apparently final novel, The Adventures of Victor Allen, in two volumes, with a list of her previous novels on its title-page. Bibliographic Citation link.
SK was presumably alive when her final novel appeared in 1805. It is not known when she died.
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